Former AEK midfielder Temur Ketsbaia has returned to the Athens club as their new coach, the Greek Super League team announced on Monday....
FIFA representative Kostakis Koutsokoumnis announced Tuesday that the Greek Cup competition will resume avoiding the threat of the country's suspension from European or international competition....
Deputy Sports Minister Stavros Kontonis said Monday he will accept a delegation from FIFA and UEFA on Wednesday to discuss his decision to indefinitely postpone the Greek Cup competition, but insists his actions were justified....
Rising Greek star Apostolos Giannou will switch allegiance and play for Australia following an approach from his former coach Ange Postecoglou, reports said Thursday....
Argentine midfielder Bruno Zuculini has joined AEK Athens on a six-month loan deal from Manchester City, the Greek Super League club said on Monday....
2. tour
25.01.2017 16:15 Veria FC Veria FC - AEP Iraklis FC AEP Iraklis FC
11. tour
01.02.2017 16:15 AEP Iraklis FC AEP Iraklis FC - AO Kerkyra AO Kerkyra
01.02.2017 18:30 AE Larisa AE Larisa - PAOK Saloniki PAOK Saloniki -:-
17. tour
21.01.2017 14:00 AEP Iraklis FC AEP Iraklis FC - Veria FC Veria FC
21.01.2017 16:15 Panionios GSS Panionios GSS - Panetolikos Panetolikos
21.01.2017 18:30 Olympiakos Piräus Olympiakos Piräus - Skoda Xanthi Skoda Xanthi
22.01.2017 14:00 AEK Athen AEK Athen - Asteras Tripolis Asteras Tripolis
22.01.2017 16:15 AE Larisa AE Larisa - Platanias Chanion Platanias Chanion
22.01.2017 16:15 Levadiakos Levadiakos - Atromitos Atromitos
22.01.2017 18:30 AO Kerkyra AO Kerkyra - Panathinaikos Panathinaikos
23.01.2017 18:30 PAS Giannina PAS Giannina - PAOK Saloniki PAOK Saloniki
18. tour
28.01.2017 14:00 AEP Iraklis FC AEP Iraklis FC - AE Larisa AE Larisa -:-
28.01.2017 16:15 Asteras Tripolis Asteras Tripolis - Panionios GSS Panionios GSS -:-
28.01.2017 18:30 Skoda Xanthi Skoda Xanthi - AEK Athen AEK Athen -:-
29.01.2017 14:00 Panathinaikos Panathinaikos - Levadiakos Levadiakos -:-
29.01.2017 16:15 Atromitos Atromitos - PAS Giannina PAS Giannina -:-
29.01.2017 16:15 Panetolikos Panetolikos - PAOK Saloniki PAOK Saloniki -:-
29.01.2017 16:15 Platanias Chanion Platanias Chanion - AO Kerkyra AO Kerkyra -:-
29.01.2017 18:30 Veria FC Veria FC - Olympiakos Piräus Olympiakos Piräus -:-
19. tour
28.01.2017 AEK Athen AEK Athen - Veria FC Veria FC rep.
28.01.2017 AE Larisa AE Larisa - AO Kerkyra AO Kerkyra rep.
28.01.2017 PAS Giannina PAS Giannina - Panathinaikos Panathinaikos rep.
28.01.2017 Levadiakos Levadiakos - Platanias Chanion Platanias Chanion rep.
28.01.2017 Olympiakos Piräus Olympiakos Piräus - AEP Iraklis FC AEP Iraklis FC rep.
28.01.2017 Panetolikos Panetolikos - Atromitos Atromitos rep.
28.01.2017 Panionios GSS Panionios GSS - Skoda Xanthi Skoda Xanthi rep.
28.01.2017 PAOK Saloniki PAOK Saloniki - Asteras Tripolis Asteras Tripolis rep.
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