Lazio forward Keita Balde walked away from a high-speed car crash which caused extensive damage to a 180,000 euro Lamborghini he had no right to rent, according to reports Tuesday....
Italian referee Gianluca Rocchi hit back at claims he favoured Juventus in a controversial 3-2 win over Serie A rivals Roma but admitted he could have handled the bad-tempered match differently....
Keisuke Honda was finally being feted by a resurgent AC Milan after a brace of goals in a 3-1 win away to Verona reassured club bosses they had not mistakenly signed the player's brother....
Italian strugglers Chievo on Monday announced that Rolando Maran will take over as their new coach, replacing Eugenio Corini, who was sacked after Saturday's 3-0 defeat to Roma....
Japan international Keisuke Honda struck a brace in a 3-1 win at Verona to go top of the Serie A scoring charts on Sunday as AC Milan moved up to fourth....
7. tour
18.10.2014 18:00 AS Roma AS Roma - Chievo Verona Chievo Verona
18.10.2014 20:45 Sassuolo Calcio Sassuolo Calcio - Juventus Juventus
19.10.2014 12:30 ACF Fiorentina ACF Fiorentina - Lazio Roma Lazio Roma
19.10.2014 15:00 Atalanta Atalanta - Parma FC Parma FC
19.10.2014 15:00 Cagliari Calcio Cagliari Calcio - Sampdoria Sampdoria
19.10.2014 15:00 Hellas Verona Hellas Verona - AC Milan AC Milan
19.10.2014 15:00 US Palermo US Palermo - AC Cesena AC Cesena
19.10.2014 15:00 Torino FC Torino FC - Udinese Calcio Udinese Calcio
19.10.2014 20:45 Inter Inter - SSC Napoli SSC Napoli
20.10.2014 20:45 Genoa CFC Genoa CFC - Empoli FC Empoli FC
8. tour
25.10.2014 15:00 Empoli FC Empoli FC - Cagliari Calcio Cagliari Calcio
25.10.2014 18:00 Parma FC Parma FC - Sassuolo Calcio Sassuolo Calcio
25.10.2014 20:45 Sampdoria Sampdoria - AS Roma AS Roma
26.10.2014 15:00 Chievo Verona Chievo Verona - Genoa CFC Genoa CFC
26.10.2014 15:00 Juventus Juventus - US Palermo US Palermo
26.10.2014 15:00 Udinese Calcio Udinese Calcio - Atalanta Atalanta
26.10.2014 18:00 AC Cesena AC Cesena - Inter Inter
26.10.2014 18:00 Lazio Roma Lazio Roma - Torino FC Torino FC
26.10.2014 18:00 SSC Napoli SSC Napoli - Hellas Verona Hellas Verona
26.10.2014 20:45 AC Milan AC Milan - ACF Fiorentina ACF Fiorentina
9. tour
28.10.2014 20:45 Sassuolo Calcio Sassuolo Calcio - Empoli FC Empoli FC
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