Moroccan international defender Mehdi Benatia completed his medical on Wednesday and signed a five year deal with Bayern Munich to seal his move from Serie A side Roma....
German champions Bayern Munich on Tuesday announced an agreement with Serie A side Roma for a deal to take Moroccan international defender Mehdi Benatia to the Allianz Arena....
Despite the departure of Mario Balotelli from AC Milan to Liverpool, Serie A clubs brought in a number of world class players for the upcoming 2014-15 campaign. AFP Sport takes a look at five key summer transfers:...
Juventus have been a class above the rest of the Serie A in the past three seasons but now they must contemplate going for a fourth successive title without coach Antonio Conte and a host of clubs believing they can wrest the crown from them....
Mario Balotelli's departure from AC Milan for Liverpool provoked few tears among Italian football fans with many saying 'good riddance' to the controversial striker....
1. tour
30.08.2014 18:00 Chievo Verona Chievo Verona - Juventus Juventus
30.08.2014 20:45 AS Roma AS Roma - ACF Fiorentina ACF Fiorentina
31.08.2014 18:00 Atalanta Atalanta - Hellas Verona Hellas Verona
31.08.2014 18:00 AC Milan AC Milan - Lazio Roma Lazio Roma
31.08.2014 20:45 AC Cesena AC Cesena - Parma FC Parma FC
31.08.2014 20:45 Genoa CFC Genoa CFC - SSC Napoli SSC Napoli
31.08.2014 20:45 US Palermo US Palermo - Sampdoria Sampdoria
31.08.2014 20:45 Sassuolo Calcio Sassuolo Calcio - Cagliari Calcio Cagliari Calcio
31.08.2014 20:45 Torino FC Torino FC - Inter Inter
31.08.2014 20:45 Udinese Calcio Udinese Calcio - Empoli FC Empoli FC
2. tour
14.09.2014 15:00 Cagliari Calcio Cagliari Calcio - Atalanta Atalanta
14.09.2014 15:00 Empoli FC Empoli FC - AS Roma AS Roma
14.09.2014 15:00 ACF Fiorentina ACF Fiorentina - Genoa CFC Genoa CFC
14.09.2014 15:00 Hellas Verona Hellas Verona - US Palermo US Palermo
14.09.2014 15:00 Inter Inter - Sassuolo Calcio Sassuolo Calcio
14.09.2014 15:00 Juventus Juventus - Udinese Calcio Udinese Calcio
14.09.2014 15:00 Lazio Roma Lazio Roma - AC Cesena AC Cesena
14.09.2014 15:00 SSC Napoli SSC Napoli - Chievo Verona Chievo Verona
14.09.2014 15:00 Parma FC Parma FC - AC Milan AC Milan
14.09.2014 15:00 Sampdoria Sampdoria - Torino FC Torino FC
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