AC Milan and Everton were at loggerheads on Friday over a proposed loan deal for Spanish winger Gerard Deulofeu despite the Italian giants announcing the move on Twitter....
Spanish winger Gerard Deulofeu moved from Everton to AC Milan on loan until the end of the season on Friday, the Italian giants announced on Twitter....
Dutch football great Marco Van Basten has expressed his disbelief at seeing Serie A giants AC Milan and Inter Milan fall to Chinese ownership, claiming "two such glorious clubs should remain Italian"....
The Serie A title race is far from over, Juventus coach Massimiliano Allegri warned after a first-half opener by Chinese Super League target Nikola Kalinic paved the way for Fiorentina's shock 2-1 defeat of the champions....
Fiorentina blew a hole in Juventus's title hopes with a shock 2-1 win in Florence on Sunday as Nikola Kalinic reassured fans troubled by a possible move to China with a superb first-half opener....
21. tour
21.01.2017 18:00 Chievo Verona Chievo Verona - ACF Fiorentina ACF Fiorentina
21.01.2017 20:45 AC Milan AC Milan - SSC Napoli SSC Napoli
22.01.2017 12:30 Juventus Juventus - Lazio Roma Lazio Roma
22.01.2017 15:00 Genoa CFC Genoa CFC - FC Crotone FC Crotone
22.01.2017 15:00 US Palermo US Palermo - Inter Inter
22.01.2017 15:00 Pescara Calcio Pescara Calcio - Sassuolo Calcio Sassuolo Calcio
22.01.2017 15:00 Bologna FC Bologna FC - Torino FC Torino FC
22.01.2017 15:00 Empoli FC Empoli FC - Udinese Calcio Udinese Calcio
22.01.2017 18:00 Atalanta Atalanta - Sampdoria Sampdoria
22.01.2017 20:45 AS Roma AS Roma - Cagliari Calcio Cagliari Calcio
22. tour
28.01.2017 15:00 Cagliari Calcio Cagliari Calcio - Bologna FC Bologna FC -:-
28.01.2017 15:00 ACF Fiorentina ACF Fiorentina - Genoa CFC Genoa CFC -:-
28.01.2017 18:00 Lazio Roma Lazio Roma - Chievo Verona Chievo Verona -:-
28.01.2017 20:45 Inter Inter - Pescara Calcio Pescara Calcio -:-
29.01.2017 12:30 Torino FC Torino FC - Atalanta Atalanta -:-
29.01.2017 15:00 FC Crotone FC Crotone - Empoli FC Empoli FC -:-
29.01.2017 15:00 Sassuolo Calcio Sassuolo Calcio - Juventus Juventus -:-
29.01.2017 15:00 Udinese Calcio Udinese Calcio - AC Milan AC Milan -:-
29.01.2017 15:00 Sampdoria Sampdoria - AS Roma AS Roma -:-
29.01.2017 20:45 SSC Napoli SSC Napoli - US Palermo US Palermo -:-
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