AC Milan coach Cristian Brocchi admits his job is on the line after an Italian Cup final defeat by Juventus ended the Serie A giants' hopes of European football next season....
An extra-time winner from late substitute Alvaro Morata saw Juventus to their 11th Italian Cup with a 1-0 triumph over AC Milan on Saturday....
Uncertainty over the future of AC Milan hovers over the stricken Italian giants as they look to avoid the ignominy of a season without European football by wresting the Italian Cup from Juventus on Saturday....
Rome prosecutors on Tuesday requested a life sentence for one of Italy's most notorious football hooligans over the fatal shooting of a rival fan before the 2014 Italian Cup final....
Holders Juventus suffered an almighty scare on their way to a second successive Italian Cup final, dominating Inter Milan at a penalty shoot-out after Roberto Mancini's men won 3-0 on the night to level their semi-final tie....
1er tour
29.07.2016 21:00 AS Livorno AS Livorno - SS Juve Stabia SS Juve Stabia
30.07.2016 18:00 A.S.D. Campodarsego - SS Maceratese SS Maceratese rep.
30.07.2016 21:00 US Lecce US Lecce - Altovicentino Altovicentino
31.07.2016 15:00 Casertana FC Casertana FC - Tuttocuoio Tuttocuoio -:-
31.07.2016 17:00 US Alessandria 1912 US Alessandria 1912 - Teramo Calcio Teramo Calcio -:-
31.07.2016 17:30 Calcio Como Calcio Como - AD Valdinievole Montecatini -:-
31.07.2016 18:00 Carrarese Calcio Carrarese Calcio - US Arezzo US Arezzo -:-
31.07.2016 18:00 Modena FC Modena FC - Francavilla Francavilla -:-
31.07.2016 18:00 Calcio Padova Calcio Padova - Seregno Seregno -:-
31.07.2016 18:00 AC FeralpiSalò AC FeralpiSalò - AC Reggiana AC Reggiana rep.
31.07.2016 18:30 Ancona 1905 Ancona 1905 - FC Südtirol FC Südtirol -:-
31.07.2016 20:00 Bassano Virtus Bassano Virtus - Fidelis Andria Fidelis Andria -:-
31.07.2016 20:30 Cosenza Calcio Cosenza Calcio - A.S.D. Frattese A.S.D. Frattese -:-
31.07.2016 20:30 US Cremonese US Cremonese - Fermana FC Fermana FC -:-
31.07.2016 20:30 Foggia Calcio Foggia Calcio - US Pontedera US Pontedera -:-
31.07.2016 20:30 Matera Calcio Matera Calcio - SC Caronnese SC Caronnese -:-
31.07.2016 20:30 Pordenone Calcio Pordenone Calcio - US Grosseto FC US Grosseto FC -:-
31.07.2016 21:00 Robur Siena Robur Siena - ACR Messina ACR Messina -:-
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